So what's the bottom line? How do we sell our work online? How do we sell our work direct to the clients? How do we get in touch with people who are interested in art and wish to buy direct from the artist instead of paying a commission to a gallery?
I think there is no easy way. I spend a lot of time at my art work. I also spend a lot of time updating my ads on different seller sites and linking to my shops and web pages. My art might not be to everyone's taste, but I have sold steadily down through the years in exhibitions, so my work does please some people.  
Every artist has their own technique, ability and inspiration. Every buyer has their own taste and budget. However for the net, it's different than face to face with a potential buyer. In person, one can size up the other and judge whether they are really interested in the work. Either they like it and want to buy or they don't. If they do it's an easy sell. On the net you have to convince the other person that they must have this piece of art. It's a completely different approach. The net needs so much more information. All sorts of tiny details that normally one doesn't have to supply. Inspiration, format, time it took to make the work, feelings, atmosphere, dimensions, materials, availability, etc. Then how it will be packaged & delivered & how long this will take. Also if it' a piece unique - a big plus. Or if not, how many there are or how many reorders are available. We would all prefer to be in the studio working on our art than sitting at the keyboard twitting and blogging. But we are told that one has to have blogs and twit to get noticed. Apparently the more links one has to our web sites the more chances the are the the pages will be found by the search spiders. Should we all work together and link like mad to get found? 
Have you had any success with selling on line? Have you any ideas for promoting your art work or helping others to promote their work?
Share you knowledge with us, even bad experiences can be shared as well as good. We can all learn from what worked for you and what didn't. 


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