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Sell Your Art on the Net

SELL YOUR ART ON THE NET. You are in artist, you make good art. It may be sculpture, painting, installations, illustrations, ceramics, craft work, etc., but you'd like to give up the day job and concentrate on art or you'd like to at least make a living from your work and pay the bills.  You have already done the rounds of the galleries and shops in your area. They either won't take on another artist, or they feel your work is not their style. Maybe they took a few pieces which didn't sell.  Not everyone lives near a large town where craft fairs take place, which are often scheduled for the month of December to catch the Christmas market. What are your options? We all know the power of the internet. We buy over the net, music, books, shoes, clothes, household items, etc. There are lots of people who make a living selling on the net. But it takes a lot of time and commitment to sell enough though the net before you can give up that day job and work full

What are you doing?

I found this on the net and it's perfect. Cos that IS what you are doing now! Ha!

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Check out the new trend hitting the waves Going global
New items on Etsy . Flying birds - have a good trip.

How to Fake French

I saw this clip on the Survive France web page. It's not far off the mark. Anyhow good for a laugh! Take a look here and amuse toi bien!
New items for sale on Etsy. A set of five cards featuring The Tree of Life. A set of five for $15. Eash card is made with cream Canson paper which is a pproved by the Paper by Nature Association . Let me know if you like them?  Or not as the case may be!

Selection of Books and Boxes

I have added a selection of my books and boxes. More can be seen on my web page
Visitors have left so I can get back to my painting this afternoon. I am working on the sea surf series. So far three paintings are ready. Still a long way to go before i have enough for an exhibition. What do you think? DO you like the sea surf? Let me know.

paintings, books and boxes

Here you can follow my thoughts and my art work. Hand made books and boxes and oil painting on canvas. My paintings are mainly abstract. The above is part of a triptych which I plan to show during the Parisot Art Exhibition in Tarn et Garonne, France, August 2012.