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Start your own original art collection #originalart #collectart #buyartonline

You'd like to own some original art but you don't have much money. You don't want posters or cheap prints.  So what do you do?   You go to art school end of year shows, you contact local artists in your area, you go to local exhibitions and there you will meet artists of all ages who work in different styles and in various mediums.   If you like their art, you talk to the artists and you can often negotiate an original work of art for a very reasonable price. Many big collectors of art started like that. By going  to art school shows you meet up and coming artists. Maybe one day they will be a big name and you will have bought their work for a fraction of the price that it would be worth when they are famous.   Ok, so not all students will become famous. However, you should buy art because you like it not because you think it's a good investment.   By meeting the artists at these shows, you get to discuss their inspiration, their motivation, their ideas and what they

#Summer can be a source of #inspiration.

Summer can be a source of inspiration.   So, there you are at the airport or train station etc or in the car travelling to your destination.   Source of inspiration, really? Yes!   For example you have all those posters and ads around you.  Well, look at them! Ok, don't get distracted if you are driving please.   Look at the composition, the choices of colours, the shapes, the message, does it come across well?   Is it good or bad design?  Would it win a prize?   Maybe not. But maybe yes. But it's worth thinking about why it is or isn't a good composition.   That will help you in the future to criticise your own work.   Sometimes we are just too close to our work to be objective.   Ask others what they think of your work. You are not fishing for compliments. You are looking for genuine advice. If they make suggestions, listen to them. They might just have sound advice or a good idea.   After all you don't have to agree or go along with what they say.   But a