Sell Your Art on the Net


You are in artist, you make good art. It may be sculpture, painting, installations, illustrations, ceramics, craft work, etc., but you'd like to give up the day job and concentrate on art or you'd like to at least make a living from your work and pay the bills. 
You have already done the rounds of the galleries and shops in your area. They either won't take on another artist, or they feel your work is not their style. Maybe they took a few pieces which didn't sell.  Not everyone lives near a large town where craft fairs take place, which are often scheduled for the month of December to catch the Christmas market. What are your options?

We all know the power of the internet. We buy over the net, music, books, shoes, clothes, household items, etc. There are lots of people who make a living selling on the net. But it takes a lot of time and commitment to sell enough though the net before you can give up that day job and work full time on your art. 
I have read many articles (on the net) that list the 'golden rules' for making money selling on the net. Such as:
  • Create your own web page
  • Take great photos
  • Give glowing and accurate descriptions of each item
  • Create a Blog
  • Twitter every day
  • Have a link on Facebook
  • Join other like-minded groups
All of the above are a help but not a guarantee. 
This one I like, buy stuff yourself so you get good feedback! Hey, you are trying to sell not buy! You are already short of cash as it is. 
More on this subject tomorrow. 


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