Of the thousands of sites out there dedicated to selling artists works (for a fee), the best known is of course http://w They sell anything and everything. I am not convinced a potential client will look for art and crafts on eBay. I've looked at paintings on their lists. Some you would not want on your wall and some are so cheapI wonder how the artist can pay for the materials. 
Cost of advertising: they charge an insertion fee and a final value fee.
Very few buyers are willing to spend a lot of money for a work of art that they have not seen in reality. Screen colours differ from one computer to another and many people find it hard to imagine sizes and dimensions. I personally would not buy a work of art from the net.
Next big site is They are hugely successful as they are dedicated to selling only arts and crafts and all things hand made. Some of their best selling items are jewellery and vintage items, as well as art supplies. 
Cost of Advertising: You pay a fee of $0.20 per time listed for 6 months plus a % on sales. 
However with any site, take into considerations the cost of shipping plus the exchange rate and commission charges on these and other sites. 
If you haven't already signed up to Paypal it might be useful as it's a secure way to receive money from abroad and their charges are reasonable. 

There are other selling sites such as:
  • UK based
  • in France, 
  • in Canada
  • in the UK.
  • In Australia. 

There are hundreds of similar sites, some free, some paying. They all insist that they are the best and they have many subscribers who sell all the time bla bla. We know the story. 
What do you think?
More tomorrow.


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