New Handmade Book

Here is my recent work a combination of screen printed pages and handmade book.
I started with working out the size I wanted for the book, number of pages and so forth.
Then as I wanted to make a notebook for people to write their own text, memos etc but I still wanted to print images to decorate the inside. I settled on printing small trees which would be along the edge of the pages and not take up too much space and every two pages would be blank.

Printed and ready to bind
I really enjoy bookbinding. It takes a long time and lots of measurements but it's a satisfying process. I love the feel of paper and enjoy sourcing new decorative papers.
The paper has to be both light weight but fairly strong, not to rigid but not too stiff either. Wallpaper for example just wont do. So japanese papers are probably a bit light even though they are beautiful.

Come back in a few days and see how I'm getting on, see the finished book!

Have you any advice, tips or tricks? I'd love to hear from you. See you soon.

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