Three Weeks in Autumn

The latest paintings to leave the studio. 'Three Weeks in Autumn' is a triptych which I painted over the past two years. Based on the impression I had each time I drove up the road to the house in autumn. The painting on the left is Week I, autumn just beginning, still lots of green but yellows and red creeping in. Week II in the middle, autumn progressing so more reds and yellow, less green and finally Week III on the right, few greens more yellow and red and brown too as the leaves wither and die. I also wanted to give the feeling of the wind blowing the leaves about and up in the air. I am pleased that the paintings are going to a home with a big wall as each measures 60x60 cm, so a total width of 180cm.  The new owners are planning on putting the tree together of course in their living room where they can look at them each day and hopefully get a lot of pleasure. 


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